Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling Philosophy:

As a counselor, being a source of support when people are in need is a heartening part of the process, so to watch people in relationships become that source of support for one another is an experience unique to relationship counseling that I always look forward to being a part of with clients. Relationship counseling can provide a sense of clarity, whether it be the growth of an intimate relationship or the growth of individuals leaving with a more clear understanding of how to proceed in their relationship.


In my practice clients can expect to explore emotions, childhood/attachment, and aspects of the Gottman method all through a sociocultural lens. To promote increased support and understanding, I integrate Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy (SERT), Object Relations, and The Gottman Method into my practice.


  • Conflict, communication, and life transitions

  • Infidelity

  • Ethical non-monogamy

  • Sex positive counseling for LGBTQIAPK+ community and relationships across cultures, spiritualties, ages, formations, and abilities

  • Sexual concerns or variations, pleasure, desire, intimacy, and/or trauma

  • Marriage counseling

  • Gender roles and gender identity